The Schumacher

This historic Queen Anne Victorian and Romanesque Revival-style, masonry and white marble print atelier will be sensitively refashioned into a boutique address of condominium residences featuring barrel vault brick ceilings.

Thoughtfully restored to its original grandeur by team of visionary tastemakers, the loft residences have a timeless appeal and enduring quality.

During the restoration of The Schumacher it was discovered in an old 1904 photograph that the building had originally had a pediment that had later been destroyed. The oblique angle of the building made it difficult for Morris Adjmi Architects to see the precise details. Looking at the work of the original architect Edward E. Raht, they found a drawing for Union Club design competition that also incorporated a similarly styled pediment. This research became the basis for The Schumacher’s new pediment design.

The Schumacher was constructed in 1885 to house the Schumacher and Ettlinger lithographic printing business. Designed by Edward E. Raht, the 6-story structure is in the Romanesque Revival style and included flourishes such as corbelled brick layering, ornamental overhangs, radiating lintels, arched windows, as well as parapets and turrets.